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About us:


Dings Dents and Trims have technicians who have repaired an amazing 20,000 cars.

The business opperates within the South East of Kent via the mobile repairs and has a workshop based just outside of canterbury at:

Unit 4F Sparrows way,

Lakesview International Business Park,




Dings Dents and Trims opperate a "No drill, no fix policy", by which is meant that if a ding or dent is inaccessible by normal means then the technicians will not drill a hole, they will just advise you that the repair cannot be done in a traditional manner and suggest alternative repairs.

Some dent companies drill holes if it is hard or impossible to access the dent normally, they then plug the hole with rubber grommets, we will be happy to drill and repair the dent but ONLY with the consent from the owner/lease holder of the vehicle. So you can always be sure that the customer is in full control of the repairs being carried out on their vehicle.


Unit 4F Sparrows way, Lakesview business park, Hersden, Canterbury CT3 4JH